Serendipity Home Preschool

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Engaging the whole child through play

We provide diverse opportunities for physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development through exploration and multi-sensory learning.

imaginative play
music & movement
loose parts
language-rich environment


Emergent curriculum

While planning what our learning focus and related activities will be, we are always listening and observing individual children and the group to see what interests emerge. Together our learning community engages in questions to explore that lead to new discoveries and continued inquiries.

The value of balance

We all need a balance of active and quiet time, group and alone time, large motor and fine motor activities, and inside and outside time in our days. Through ample free-play time and intentional set-ups, children are able to choose what they most need with the support of teachers. 

While we allow for flexibility as the needs of the group and individual children may vary from day-to-day, we also believe that                                                                                                      consistency and predictability are key to feeling                                                                                            safe and confident in any care setting.