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Our recipe for child-centered learning through play

  • Listen with an open mind & heart
  • Find the good idea behind every impulse
  • Allow for everything to be “curriculum”
  • Be outside in nature everyday
  • Plan for healthy risk taking
  • Celebrate diversity wherever it is found
  • Expect magic
  • Play with stories, music & rich conversation
  • Empower children with choices and ongoing conflict resolution practice
  • Nourish the group with good food and rich relationships
  • Sprinkle with a good dose of humor
  • Dig in with all your senses!

Role of the Teacher

Teachers facilitate children's growth by observing, planning, discussing, modeling and providing just the right amount of challenge to feed children's natural wonder and love of learning.

We also actively engage in learning with other teachers, families and the children. In planning curricula we pay attention to the developmental needs, abilities and interests of each child as well as the group.

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Role of the Family

Families are children's primary teachers. As such, we partner together to support and facilitate each child's development. We value the diversity that each family brings to our little community and welcome parents and other family members to share their cultures in a meaningful way.

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